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Unfortunately, it was not a number one Barbie, but it was from the Sixties and in good to fair condition.

''At auction there was heated competition between two women in their sixties who remembered playing with Barbie and were bidding to recapture their childhoods.

Barbie attracted collectors long before the official collectors club was set up in 1997.

The most desired doll for a collector is the first Barbie produced – the number one Barbie, which has reached ,000 at auction.

1964 The only Barbie with open and close eyes released. 1968 Talking Barbie available in English or Spanish.

Mr Luke also recommends looking for a milky tint to the vinyl of the doll.

This is unique to the 1959 production number ones, as in 1960 Mattel developed a vinyl that didn't turn white with age.

Leigh Gotch, head of the toys and dolls department at Bonham's auction house, says Barbie has lasted because she is timeless.

''If you look at the doll herself, she hasn't changed that much – it is the fashions she wears that change.

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1999 Barbie's face is slimmed, with a gentler smile and fuller lips.

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